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Food Forest Institute

More and better food forests

Food Forest Institute was born from a passion for trees that produce food. If you sow a grain, you can only reap once. On the other hand, if you plant a tree, you can sometimes harvest more than a hundred years from it. If you follow this logic, you may wonder why more food doesn't come from trees. Can you survive on tree food alone? Yes, of course. Is this the intention? Not if it's up to us. It is precisely the variation in the agricultural landscape that offers so much added value. We are simply convinced that too little is currently being invested in food forests as a fully-fledged food producer.

Our Team

Everything starts with a passion for trees and sustainable food.

Ben Brumagne

Ben Brumagne

Known for his bike ride from Belgium to the Indies, in search of edible plants and thanks to Eén, Vranckx documentary and other media appearances.

Louis De Jaeger

Louis De Jaeger

Known from TV, radio, newspapers and magazines when it comes to 'no-nonsense living', eco campaigns and future-proof landscape architecture. Author of two books: "We eat ourselves to death" and "Design your own food forest". Award-wining filmmaker of "FoodForest".

Ine Desmet

Ine Desmet

Senior Marketing and Communications


The Food Forest Institute is supported by the Flemish government through Flanders Circular.


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