Voedselbos ontwerpcursus (Dutch only)

De inschrijvingen voor de weekopleiding voedselbos ontwerp zijn geopend. Schrijf je snel in want de plekjes voor deze cursus zijn beperkt en zeer gegeerd!


  • 5 days
  • Practical course 
  • Different teachers


  • Full board including drinks
  • 5 nights
  • Organic meals

For whom?

  • Anyone interested in the theme
  • Land & Tuin eigenaars
  • Farmers


  • Inspiring surroundings
  • In the middle of nature
  • Vierves-sur-Viroin
Realize your food forest dream
Maybe you've wanted your dream of a own food forest realize but you don't know how to get started practically?
We offer a intensive training in which we teach you the most important tricks. This course takes place in an inspiring location in the Viroin-Hermeton Natural Park, in the province of Namur.

Food forests can be designed with multiple purposes. This can range from a smaller garden to a large project. In this course, the focus is on the wider designs where food production central will stand. Of course we will also help realize the design of smaller projects.

Attention is also paid to what you can achieve with a food forest. Maybe you want one creative or therapeutic settle in the center. Or are you toying with the idea of ​​making one educational path to put in. Or why not animals house in it?

Along with some experts you will be guided through the design process. From a dream to legislation, measurement and plant knowledge, you arrive at a method to get started practically.

Of course there are many books on this matter, but together with the experts and the inspiration of all participants everything becomes much faster specific.

Of coaching is done by Louis De Jaeger, who developed a unique design method that he uses in his own food forest design agency. He is reinforced by various guest speakers.

What is the training and what is not

De opleiding is gericht tot mensen voor wie voedselbossen net iets meer zijn dan een hobby: een uit de hand gelopen passie of een intentie om er professioneel mee aan de slag te gaan. De opleiding is  zo opgebouwd dat zowel beginners als meer ervaren deelnemers zich kunnen retrain. For beginners, the basic basic framework will be very useful, a frame that you will be able to take and use forever. Experienced participants may see repetition, but be able to focus more on the draft and can ask all their questions to guest speakers. The exchange of ideas between all participants is in any case an added value for everyone.


During the training, we immediately get to work in a very practical way so that you take home a departure schedule with a financial cost estimate and basic planting plan.


What is included?

45h training time

Met Louis De Jaeger als hoofdlesgever, versterkt door voedselbospioniers  Diderik Claerebout, Bart Van Parijs en Ben Brumagne, permacultuurkenner Camille Claeys en voedselbosser Lukas Masson.


Bio maaltijden & drank (vol pension)

Ontbijt, middagmaal en avondmaal bereid door professionele chefs zijn inbegrepen. De maaltijden zijn plant-based en bio. Bio dranken zijn ook inbegrepen.



In het midden van de natuur, een gedeelde of privékamer of een bell tent. Op de locatie zelf.



At the end of the training, each participant receives a certificate of participation from the Food Forest Institute.

Classification of the training


The theory is presented in an interactive way. Learning and discovering together is central here.



We are going to gain practical experience in different areas; an existing food forest edge and in the wild.


End deliverable

You start with a basic idea and together we help you on your way to a food forest plan that you can put into practice yourself.


Louis De Jaeger

Louis De Jaeger is mede-oprichter van Food Forest Institute en is al jaren actief als voedselbos-, tuin- en landschapsontwerper.  Hij is auteur van verschillende boeken over het thema. Hij is de facilitator tijdens de hele opleiding.


Ben Brumagne

Ben Brumagne is co-founder of Food Forest Institute, Belgium's best-known wild picker and expert in landscape reading, an indispensable skill in food forest design.


Bart Van Parijs

The first organic picking fruit farmer in Flanders. The man who knows everything about the business side of food forest production.


Diderik Clarebout

One of the Belgian food forest pioneers. With De Woudezel, he has one of the oldest and largest food forests in Belgium (6 hectares). He specializes in food forest plants that he grows, breeds and sells.


Wouter Van Eck
Wouter is dé voedselbos-man van Nederland. Dankzij hem is de voedselbosbeweging in een stroomversnelling geraakt. Hij heeft een van de meest mature voedselbossen in Nederland en deelt met plezier zijn kennis met jullie


Camille Claeys

Permacultuur expert die net als bij de vorige editie lesgeefster zal zijn. Camille deed haar kennis op bij vzw Pas à Pas en Ferme de Desnié.


Lukas Masson

Teamlid van Commensalist en Food Forest Institute. Na een Bachelor opleiding Landbouw startte hij een voedselbosproject op en begon zijn eigen zaak waarmee hij zich toespitst op voedselbossen en natuurlijke gezondheid. Hij komt mee als opleidingsassistent en lesgever.

Guillaume Opsomer

Als landmeter is Guillaume expert in alles wat te maken heeft met ’terrein analyse’. Hij toont je hoe je met zeer geavanceerde tools, maar ook op simpele wijze, (zelf) je terrein kan opmeten.


Carlos Roelens

Aan de hand van bestaande voedselbossen en landbouwbedrijven loodst hij je op een boeiende manier door de wetgeving: wat komt er bij te kijken als je bijvoorbeeld een hoevewinkel wil starten of andere activiteiten in landbouwgebied.


Diderik Clarebout

One of the Belgian food forest pioneers. With De Woudezel, he has one of the oldest and largest food forests in Belgium (6 hectares). He specializes in food forest plants that he grows, breeds and sells.


Education topics

Find out what you will learn

These are the large groups of topics that we will address. We explore some themes very thoroughly, others we go over more superficially. Depending on the group, we will zoom in more on certain themes.

  • Presentation of the teachers and explanation about the course of the week
  • The participants present their dream project to each other.


  • We give an overview of the types of food forests that exist.
  • Based on the theory, we link back to the practical feasibility of your dream projects


  • Theory and practice of how the different elements influence a food forest design
  • Wind breaks
  • Keyline design
  • Soil research theory and practice


  • Measuring terrain theory and practice
  • Working with a drone demo
  • Working with a surveyor
  • Draw your terrain to scale


  • How does nature work?
  • What are trees and what do they need to be healthy?
  • About the flowers and the bees


  • Reading nature
  • What can you learn from nature near your food forest?
  • Interpreting nature maps


  • How much does a food forest cost?
  • Calculate your expenses and any income.
  • Starting a food forest business?
  • Business plan for dummies
  • Calculate revenue


  • Different tools to make your food forest known to the general public


  • What features do you want in your food forest?
  • Interesting combinations


  • What layers does a food forest have?
  • How can you use the different layers as optimally as possible
  • How can you increase your yield
  • Annuals in a food forest


  • Determining plant zones
  • Interesting food forest plants
  • Compile plant lists
  • Good and less good combinations


  • Where do you buy your plants?
  • How to prepare the ground?
  • How to plant?
  • How to guide?


  • How to harvest efficiently?
  • Storage methods


  • How do you make 10 products from one fruit?
  • Time is your best friend
  • How far do you want to go in processing?
  • Do you want to sell?
  • Start a business
  • Become self-sufficient


  • The advantages and disadvantages of animals in the food forest


  • Learn to present your finished project very concisely
  • Learn from each other's projects and be inspired.



Breakfast is at 8am, lunch is variable and dinner is around 7pm. The training day lasts from 9 am to about 7 pm with the necessary breaks.

Maandag 13 mei: 18u

Arrival at 6 pm.
Introductory meeting. Bring a small amount of food or drink from your own area to get to know each other. We provide a basic meal.


14 mei tot en met  18 mei

5 intensive full days, surrounded by delicious food, nice breaks and pleasant evenings.


Zaterdag 18 mei

Final design excercise
This is what you have been working towards all week.
De opleiding eindigt na het avondmaal om 21u.



School Street 36
5670 Vierves-sur-Viroin

Take public transport or try to carpool if possible, parking available. If people want/can carpool, we will provide an address list or location determination in time so that you can make an appointment.

Public transport:

Take the train to Couvin station, then take bus 60/3 in the direction of DOISCHE Cimetière and get off at Vierves-Sur-Viroin Eglise (you can install the NMBS app and the TEC app for the real-time hours)


What previous participants thought

A great experience at a top location, full of information to get started with according to everyone's approach and application. You return home with a basket full of “WORK” and a wealth of inspiration.
Minne D.
"Great Distinction". That sets the bar very high for the courses that will follow this one. I learned a lot in a very pleasant setting. Just about all important aspects were covered in a program with a lot of variety (inside – outside; theory – practice). Great to get the necessary helicopter - view of a food forest - project. In short, keep it up!
Yves V.

Very extensive and fascinating course in a beautiful setting and with a great group. The lesson content was very extensive. I liked the fact that you are immersed in the world of food forests for a week and that you experience this week with like-minded people. 
Ilja H.



Very cool: met nice people (both teachers and students); the group was not too big/too small; the concept of consecutive days of lessons with accommodation/meals/campfire means that you stay completely in the mood and on the lesson.
Evelyn V.




Laten we hopen dat tegen april 2022 de wereld er nog mooier uit ziet dan vandaag.  Zijn er bepaalde richtlijnen, dan zullen we ons hieraan houden in het mate van het mogelijke. Indien het evenement niet zou kunnen doorgaan vanwege Corona wordt het evenement niet geannuleerd, maar simpelweg verplaatst.




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  • 5-day training
  • Overnight stay in a shared room
  • Overnachting in privé kamer of bell tent: zie mogelijkheden
  • Full board organic meals
  • Drinks
  • Certificate
  • Paper course
  • Slaap in je eigen tent en krijg korting
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